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zainzaidi · 216d ago open to any and all feedback. Thank you!

zainzaidi · 233d ago

I feel the same. I would like just a bit more feedback on what we could do better, instead of the standard denial emails. But just keep on working hard and if the team at Pioneer see's progress then I am sure you will get selected. Even if you dont just the fact that you are making progress is something to be proud of.

zainzaidi · 241d ago

We decided to launch a wefunder campaign

zainzaidi · 254d ago

I agree andrew. I think after spending countless hours on here per week we could at least get some actual feedback instead of a generic rejection email

zainzaidi · 302d ago

Signed Up :)

zainzaidi · 326d ago

Howdy Daniel,
Would love to hear your suggestions on how to develop a salesforce and nailing B2B sales.
Zain from TransCrypts