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Shared by z@moonka.space · 480d ago · 7 comments
z@moonka.space · 478d ago

I get help with QA and I have a "Moonka.space Insiders" group where some of the smartest people I know help with decisions, but other than that, it's me - from backend and frontend dev to design and copywriting: almost everything.

It's not unsolicited, I'm very happy to answer any questions and if the aim of my company is not clear to people then it means I need to improve the communication.

But to actually answer you: the long term vision is to build a platform where all things related to digital work can be handled, including mentoring, vacation, payroll, etc.

Work begins with hiring, so I decided to start with that, as it's also the territory which bugs me the most. Hiring processes are broken, the job description lingo is often a clusterfuck ("dynamically growing youthful startup hiring rockstar engineers for competitive salaries" is my go-to example) and the way incoming applications are (not) handled is also deeply problematic.

So, yes, a job board is something we have and will play an important role, but it's just the beginning and not the end goal but rather a means to an end. It will also be one of the main revenue sources for the company in the early days.

The other two main features currently is an application tracking system where team members of the company hiring can decide together how to approach the prospects and a consulting service where we will try to help companies come up with better job listings and skip the lingo prominent in a lot of the listings we see nowadays.

I see the job board component in a light similar to what Apple often does: there are already a lot of players in a certain field but the solution thought through deeply and crafted nicely arrives a bit later.

Let's face it, creating a basic job board can be done in 2 clicks with some no code tools, hence the abundance. I'm building a next gen job board, there's too much of the same (low) quality already.

z@moonka.space · 479d ago

Thanks! That's exactly the kind of aesthetic I was aiming for, although I mostly put it as "still playful and cool but already serious". I really fell in love with IBM's Plex type family, I think it adds a lot the vibe you describe.