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yotastamou · 248d ago

Hey Jermaine, just saw the post! It was a great pleasure meeting you here as well, reviewing your project, and receiving constructive feedback from you. Wishing you the best for your project, keep on building great features and stay in touch! yota@unitedbits.io :)

yotastamou · 346d ago

Congrats!! To the moon!!

yotastamou · 580d ago

"Today no easy way exists to commission new music work or get access to exclusive unreleased music. Unitebdits, a web marketplace, helps ambitious music artists launch an online workspace, get new music work, and get paid." This is what we do.
We'd love your feedback.

yotastamou · 595d ago

interesting reading! thanks a lot for sharing!

yotastamou · 601d ago

Please find a video of our prototype

Our question: "Would you like to commission a remix of your favorite song or a new tune to treat your loved ones?"
You can do it in UnitedBits!