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woutdispa · 4d ago

Hi there! Those who know me know that I tend to not do things half way ... Also glad to see I'm not the oldest, cause it definitely felt like it having a quick gander at the Pioneers group. If anyone wants to have a chat, give us a shout on LinkedIn :) (look up "Wout Dispa" - I'm easy to find!)

woutdispa · 5d ago

Merci! Oui, je suis Belge et Londonien mais j'habite à Paris maintenant. Tu es Japonais mais tu parles Français?!

woutdispa · 8d ago

Voila, +1 (via @BUNKAIdotAI ) ... getting closer to that magical 4-digit number!

woutdispa · 5d ago

I wonder if LinkedIn penalizes you in the algo for replying to your own post 6x :))

woutdispa · 5d ago

Awesome! That's what it's all about :) Thanks for sharing your path to success with us.

woutdispa · 11d ago

I just read this which I thought might be good for you to peruse as well...

woutdispa · 11d ago

THAT! I wish there was a way to flag feedback as spam, and when a user gets flagged a certain number of times, they get put under review. Some folks on here just waste everyone's time. I said what I said.

woutdispa · 11d ago

You reviewed 20?!

woutdispa · 12d ago

I had 10 last week, 8 this week... It might just be random?

woutdispa · 17d ago

I messaged / emailed (can't remember) him to get the latest culture deck, the only one you can download these days is the very old version. These days, you can only look at their current one via Slideshare or whatever, and no download option. Meh. Still, great company I'm sure to work for. Definitely an inspiration!