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wimsikal · 122d ago

1. Always show your audience that you're listening.
2. Create content that helps people to get what they want.
3. Show that you have the ability to deliver value.

Think: What do you have to do differently to keep people coming back to you?

wimsikal · 130d ago

Here's one more to compare GPT2 vs GPT3

wimsikal · 130d ago

We open-sourced my last project Dragonchain (https://github.com/dragonchain/dragonchain) under a modified Apache v2 license.

Dragonchain started as the Private Disney Blockchain Project, and was released to our Joe Roets, who was the Architect on the project at Disney. It was released to a Foundation and the code was re-factored in private code. We later decided to open source the code again. A couple of things:

- It help accelerate our developer community
- It builds trust in your code
- It removes barriers during the sales process

There are some well known challenges (Elastic.co) to dealing with the Cloud, where AWS will host the open source for less than the vendor can.

A good SaaS model is Databrick's. It does not include pricing for any required cloud resources (e.g. compute instances). This allows for alignment between the cloud vendors sales staff and the SaaS providers sales staff.

Do you have specific questions?

wimsikal · 136d ago

Think about pricing models that aligns to cost structure to ensure cost recovery and value. For cloud, I suggest a model that is consumption based that is transparent and simple to understand. The model should be built on the value rather than the volume.