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visionary · 491d ago

yeah: @envisionwithj is my club house username. let's chat!

visionary · 595d ago

Unit sales. Previously pre-orders. DAUs as a secondary metric.

visionary · 595d ago

LinkedIn. Reach out to connections who work at companies you're interested in selling to.

visionary · 595d ago

Feel like the game is just starting, haha.

visionary · 617d ago

I use It syncs with Google Calendar and is a Kan-Ban Style to-do list planner.

visionary · 645d ago

Yoo, I'm in the same boat.

- Selling your vision to people already building theirs is tough.
- Learning no-code tools take time.
- Being a solo founder, during social distancing/shelter in place, is lonely.

Here's how I solve my challenges:
- Virtual meetings each week with other builders
- Joining a ton of webinars, communities, and online events to fill the void / downtime

Would love to hop on a call and chat more:

visionary · 705d ago

My goal is to get to 100+ attendees registered by Friday. We're about 87 away when subtracting speaker tickets. I've added a few sessions to improve the value and overall presentation so people know what they're signing up for.