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visawire · 146d ago

I think you're doing great Andy! And I agree, even though I'm building through no-code I don't think your jargon is too technical. It's the work that you have to do

visawire · 194d ago

Hey! You seem to be the only one providing me feedback this time so I really appreciate it :)

There is a lot of content on the website but it's behind the Get Started / Get Started Now buttons rather than on the landing page. I do understand your point about engaging the audience better by putting it on the landing page. It'd just require a full overhaul / rebuild of the website which I'm not sure I'm capable of doing at this stage but I'll see what I can do.

Thanks for the feedback!

visawire · 198d ago

Hey! My name is Nino and I'm the founder of VisaWire
VisaWire is an immigration, employment, and settlement guide for relocating to Canada (and subsequently to the world's leading countries).

My question is around the landing page - based on what you see, do you understand what VisaWire does and how it can help? Would you get started and go into the application? I'm trying to better understand what others see when they look at the landing page and how to more effectively convert them into using the app itself

visawire · 201d ago

Sounds really exciting! Interesting to see which companies will be selected / what the selection criteria for them will be

visawire · 375d ago


I would like feedback on my website and landing page in general, plus the main page of my product.
Does it clearly portray what kind of service the product offers? Would you register for the app itself after going through this landing page?


App main page:

visawire · 443d ago

I recently redid my landing page and launched the MVP, could you please provide some feedback regarding the layout and messaging?

visawire · 480d ago

Hey Pioneer team! I'm revamping my landing page this weekend and adding the product offerings:

Do you have any feedback regarding the value proposition and overall layout of the website?

My goal is to attract skilled workers worldwide that would be good candidates for immigration and set them on the right path (basically make them immigration-ready)

visawire · 494d ago

Hey Daniel! Would love some general feedback on the landing page and any advice for affordable user acquisition techniques (looking to gain users interested in immigration in high-emigration rate countries)

visawire · 531d ago

Feedback regarding VisaWire - an app for simplifying immigration and visas through personalized recommendations

Considering the topic is related to immigration and legal - how relevant is it to have someone with a law education involved early stage/upon product launch? Could incorrect phrasing lead to legal issues due to the founder not being a lawyer?