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vanessaonugebu · 26d ago

Would love to discuss a partnership. How do we get in contact with you?

vanessaonugebu · 26d ago

Would definitely love to. You can reach out to the email provided on our website or

vanessaonugebu · 27d ago

1. Thank you! Tweet about us too if you want!
2. Nope, we don't have a LinkedIn.
3. Thank you! We tried to price competitively so we hope all goes well!
5. We have it linked but we are still putting the final touches on. We hope you joined the waitlist so you can be one our first subscribers!
6. Will be doing that for sure!

Thank you for the kind words and encouragement :)

vanessaonugebu · 27d ago

It helps product managers explain existing codebases to new employees and it saves a technical product manager time from having to explain things to their devs. We're targeting any size org that needs Denigma. Our ideal customer is a developer, CS student, person learning to code, org, etc.

vanessaonugebu · 27d ago

Will do. Nice eye, can't believe I missed that, will change it

vanessaonugebu · 27d ago

Hey, just saw this comment again. The code comments aren't removed?

vanessaonugebu · 51d ago

Be sure to join the waitlist so you don’t miss out

vanessaonugebu · 52d ago

Thank you!!! Can you tweet about Denigma or share it in any communities you're in. We're a free tool until the end of 2021! PS: I hope you joined the waitlist!

vanessaonugebu · 53d ago

Did you join the waitlist to stay updated on Denigma?

vanessaonugebu · 53d ago

I don't really understand why it gives the impression it's cheating?