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tosh · 377d ago

Hi Daniel,

I'm building Apple Silicon Games (

It shows which games are playable on the new Apple Silicon Macs and also how well they run including detailed reports w/ FPS, videos, settings used, hardware specs and so on

It helps people who care about their favourite games to decide which Mac to go for and connect with other gamers on our discord. In the last few days it also became a place for game devs to hang out and get access to early adopters and beta testers.

My question to you: if you take a very ambitious point of view, what can this become in the next 5-10 years?

cheers & have a great transition into the new year

a recent thread on hn:

launch on product hunt:

tosh · 385d ago

I didn't go through YC yet but have applied a bunch of times, went through an interview a few years ago and have reviewed a bunch of applications (also of teams that got in), happy to read yours and add annotations

that said, the official article on how to apply is really good and worth reading if you haven't seen it yet:

tosh · 392d ago

interesting thread, thanks for sharing, bookmarked

tosh · 392d ago

my guess is karma in the forum is related to upvotes on forum postings

tosh · 394d ago

I also enjoy the feedback questions and answers a lot, there are some incredibly helpful pioneers among us, have a great end of the year

tosh · 394d ago

good to know, thanks for sharing this, kudos on being #1 today, upvoted :)

tosh · 396d ago