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tim · 849d ago

This is already better than ProductHunt. Nice job.

I'd love something where people can post updates on their products, not just the launch. When it's launch-only, it's high-stakes, one-time-only, no chance for interested people to see progress (back into the void it goes), it's chaotic/random how much attention it gets (who else launched today?), and generally counter to the strategy most of us want founders to follow: launch an early, embarrassing version, and then iterate.

Now if Frontier was completely full of minor changelogs (fixed a bug on iOS, app opens faster), that wouldn't be very interesting either. But I wonder if there's a balance somehow.

One idea: what if upvoting a launch subscribed you to their updates or gave you a feed of updates on the Frontier app?

Another idea: what if there was a separate feed for updates, and the best ones get surfaced on the main feed?

Edit: In more general terms, could this become a place people can build a following for their project, rather than just a spike of attention?

tim · 850d ago

I've always wanted a tldr for research papers. I think it would be a great service if research could be more accurately understood by more people.

From browsing your MVP so far, I'm not convinced it will be possible to summarize with ML/AI until more fundamental progress is made in those fields. Right now it seems you end up pulling some relevant sentences out of the abstract, but what you end up with is a shorter, but less comprehensible version of the abstract.

However, I think a crowdsourced version of this COULD work. And your audio idea made me think of another variant. Get the authors on a short podcast episode to directly talk about their research to lay people. Another variant would be getting a handful of covid researchers to help read and summarize other covid papers. Just some ideas.