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teeldear · 31d ago

If there is no image, I would center the corresponding element on the timeline isntead of have it on the side with all the whitespace. What do you think?

teeldear · 35d ago

I just checked it out a bit more. This is a pretty cool idea. Is there a way to have public and private posts?

teeldear · 35d ago

Is this some sort of journal? That I can look bat at in 20 years?

teeldear · 35d ago

You might want to leave that up to the developer. You might also want to go with the most popular/most used frameworks and etc. Will make it easier to find a new developer if you ever need.

On another note, you should not hire a developer before validating any product.

I'm not sure what you're building so it depends. If you are trying to sell products online, try Shopify (no need for a developer with this tool).

Maybe I can give better advice if you elaborate on what you're trying to build.

teeldear · 35d ago

Just made a new post right now with updated as of (august 13th). Or should I have just edited this?

teeldear · 39d ago

I'll update it after the voting ends in about a day.

teeldear · 39d ago

Yeah, I believe everyone starts at around 25000 base points right now.

teeldear · 39d ago

That's basically what I did but by hand + excell. Feel free to share the code.

teeldear · 36d ago

What do you mean by building a relationship on LinkedIn? To me it feels the same as a cold email. Is it warmer to introduce myself, make smalltalk, share my experience and talk about their experience?

How do you differentiate your LinkedIn messages from a cold email?

teeldear · 38d ago

Couldn't you have just made a new aws/google cloud account? 100k is a lot of credits? I'm sure if you talk/call the g cloud team they might let you accept the cloud credits (i've heard of companies doing it before).