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tatianarice · 213d ago

I think this is definitely valid, I strongly value the feedback and goal-setting aspect of Pioneer but the rejections can also get tiring and make you doubt yourself and your project.

tatianarice · 213d ago

This is really useful to know I'm not alone. I definitely agree, the reason I continue to use the platform is because it is a really valuable way to stay on track of goals and get great feedback, but also getting consistent rejection without feedback can definitely make me doubt myself and my progress. Thanks for sharing your description and experience!

tatianarice · 213d ago

Here's the link: t.ly/JNqB. Would love your feedback, Brad. You should be able to comment directly on the Google page.

tatianarice · 252d ago

Hey there! I'm a data privacy attorney who works in product/corporate compliance and litigation. I can give a broad picture of these laws and their effects but candidly I am not a technical person if that's what you're looking for. Otherwise, feel free to contact me at trice@shb.com

tatianarice · 328d ago

I would love to! Been on Pioneer since about last summer and really enjoying the community here (especially as a non-technical founder). I'm working on a social enterprise called BlkArthouse, which is an online marketplace and community centered on Black artists and artwork. Feel free to check us out at blkarthouse.com or email me at tatianarice@blkarthouse.com. Hopefully look forward to connecting!

tatianarice · 360d ago

It was great to work with you all, and the shirts look awesome! Excited for the future of both projects.

tatianarice · 477d ago

I also agree with this sentiment. At least from my perspective as one of the non-technical founders on this site, I unfortunately cannot at all understand how technical achievements contribute to progress, so I will often upvote the person where I understand their progress.