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sunim · 647d ago

What I think is since you are not thinking it in one direction, but rather comparing two ideas, most the times, ideas is what sells, or the way of writing description

sunim · 662d ago

Solo: . Have some other stuffs on my back where I'm active either partnering or developing.
Having a bunch of things keeps my sanity as I can explore different horizons.

sunim · 663d ago

I'm working Solo and Prep and tend to keep it that way, but the door is open to Partner.

It's not my main gig, a side-hustle that I'm passionate about, was about to quit to work full-time but with COVID, decided to stay put.

I have made an exact schedule when working on what. And since there is an update waiting for me on Pioneer for next week, it does give me a boost.

Guessing you are a technical founder, having sprints, at least Github Issues helps you reflect and work more.

sunim · 663d ago

Early launch without even having a single feature ready.
Doing public build and release now, with major release every 2 months

sunim · 663d ago

Right. You were loooking forward to "Cause of rejection" and I drifted to "feedback". On that end, I'm 100% on your boat, providing it will only help the startup elevate more.

The framework is something I also follow, not exactly same but the core jist is about the same. With COVID, I had time to reflect on to build on branches, and esacping the loophole of relying on 3rd-parties and instead focus on independent existence.

Thanks for putting the framework, it's quite helpful for me and hopefully others as well.


sunim · 663d ago

That's true. But the "Expert" feedback is something like doing it in a quick run. If the product does not arise interest in 10sec, then it not good enough for "Pioneer".

The "not good enough" has a higher bracket, and makes me, on a personal level, to brainstorm.

Most are first time founders or are on an early 'founder' life, and since the participant number is huge, they must have decided to treat and reply to everyone the same.

But I do agree that if they provided at least something, then I get the vision of what should be achieved first on the pipeline, rather than focusing on multiple things.

Let's see if the Pioneer team is seeing this and introduces some changes in the future

sunim · 663d ago

Thing is we only see the problem when things don't work out for us.

Prep was not been selected once, while I do have hopes, I'm honestly not making it the end goal and just started diverting my horizon to other indie platforms.

While I agree on at least a one-liner feedback, it either will not be enough or honestly, it might break you, having a sense of nothingness has something calm.

That's what I feel.
- Sunim

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sunim · 666d ago

Team is something which when jelled together compliment each other well, and can lead to wonder in development.
Good Luck.

sunim · 666d ago

Family itself is something, which is beautiful in itself, and just a little smile on their face can give so much joy.

sunim · 666d ago

That is so lovely to hear. Having someone to lookup to really gives you the boost to improve.
Thanks, I feel a good boost to work now.