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Thanks. I thought of 'true friends', I guess.

staskulesh · 160d ago

True bonding for remote teams.

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This one is a major driver for me. There is no substitute for time, there is no way to get more of it or trick the system. So much to do, so few active years left.

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They come to us via Slack and MS Teams app marketplaces. + are not suuuuper popular, but we get ~750 new teams monthly.

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staskulesh · 575d ago

We see this as people saying 'thank you' more often. What harm can that make?

staskulesh · 575d ago

Thanks for sharing. Yes, we are indeed working towards closing the feedback loop.

staskulesh · 597d ago

This one is made for Slack, it uses text input to record a time entry.
Type `/t working on the logo` on #project-name channel and get that added to your invoice. Built for dev shops and consultants who need to track time. Thanks!

staskulesh · 597d ago

Onboarding process: is it smooth enough?