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spock-108826 · 898d ago

Since we use Dokku internally, it scales actually pretty well. For now, Dokku is running on a single node only (but still you can handle millions of requests without any problems).
Dokku is planning to add support for Kubernetes, soon you will be able to run your app in cluster of nodes.

spock-108826 · 898d ago

As dokku is running on top of docker and buildpacks (as Heroku), I would say almost all of them :)
But to get an idea of an exhaustive list: Ruby, NodeJS, Closure, Python, Java, Python, PHP, Go are the official supported plugins. But there are also community buildpacks to run Rust and other languages too.

spock-108826 · 898d ago

In contrast to services like Heroku or Render, ledokku is open-source, much cheaper (for 5$/month you get multiple apps and multiple dbs deployed to the same server), and everything is running on your own server :)

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spock-108826 · 898d ago