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sonerhaci · 34d ago

thank you for the feedback, yes that would be a good implementation

sonerhaci · 110d ago

All the best and success in the US, I agree with all the comments and definitely, you should work on the visa first. I would recommend working with an immigration attorney,

sonerhaci · 130d ago

Thank you for the response, I am an engineer, but my brother is a Prof. at Rutgers and head of smart surgery and diagnostics lab. The most recent and interesting developments are happening in the ultrasound space. like wearable US systems for breast cancer, pregnancy, and more.

sonerhaci · 130d ago

Thank you for the response McKayla, the most important trends are happening in medical imaging, especially ultrasound, some companies are developing an ultrasound device like a bra and focus on scanning for breast cancer, others are developing a patch version that you can stick on your body and scan.
The most important fact is that the health care system is becoming decenterelzid

sonerhaci · 146d ago

Could you share some sample interviews that you have done?

sonerhaci · 172d ago

I totally agree with Andrew, TBH I don't care to be selected ( I also have been rejected 6 times, I think they send autoresponse for the rejections and don't look really into it ) but I am here more for the community and the feedbacks which are much more important for us.
I am more focused on getting feedbacks and giving feedbacks

sonerhaci · 198d ago

I agree I felt the same way about that option, thank you

sonerhaci · 198d ago

great point, I will work on that.

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sonerhaci · 235d ago

Thank you for the great feedback, it is not my project but I will forward all the information. Really great information

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sonerhaci · 260d ago

I agree with most of the points, and I totally agree with your comment regarding Pioneers, they are one of the best platforms and ecosystems around.
I believe that YC and Pioneers are the best in their field, nothing to compare, I like your analogy ( Pepsi and Coca Cola ) :)
But, I think it is not only YC but much more the VC that are only looking at who is in YC or not, that is the sad truth, they even don't bother to look anywhere else, YC build up a really good community, and I think the ones that need to look on other platforms are not the people at YC but more the investors.