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sole-fields · 7d ago

Love this question. Am sure others here have differing opinions. A few solid resources:

- High-level, from patio11:
- Much to be learned here in the actual look and effectiveness of the slides:

Remember that most investors will just skim your deck. Your headers should tell the entire story and more than 10 slides is a waste. When presenting, more than 6 slides is probably a waste. TAM doesn't matter. Traction is the most important thing! Financial projections are fine, but pretty irrelevant if you're right at the beginning. They only become relevant for that Series A and beyond level funding.

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sole-fields · 8d ago

Nice. What's the platform? Visited -- looks like an index for Discord channels?

sole-fields · 11d ago

That's an exceedingly rare quality, being able to run multiple successful businesses at once, let alone one!

How are they faring now? What if 5 years from now they all fail, but one could've been successful with more focus and dedicated energy? How do you measure success for each of them? Interested to hear what all of your businesses are!

sole-fields · 12d ago

Why try to create 4 businesses at once? Which of them seems like it has the best shot of being successful? Why not just focus on that one, then get back to the others?

sole-fields · 16d ago

Oh this is great. How do you mean?

sole-fields · 17d ago

BASIC, Bill Gates! Had nothing built.

A testament to his skill as a storyteller and understander-of-pain points that he made an enormous sale on story alone. If you can do that, then you should and I think it's worth trying regardless.

sole-fields · 17d ago

Don't love the H1 at the top of the page. "Grow business... etc." Not specific enough.

Maybe "On demand street advertising" or "Buy Ads on cars. Monitor street traffic in real time."

sole-fields · 17d ago

Open up a deli shop, convince an investor to pay for my company to go public, go viral on social media as a memestock.

sole-fields · 17d ago

How do you see this evolving in the ensuing months / next year this time? Let's say you 20x the number of users.