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sole-fields · 23d ago

Awesome! Love to hear it.

sole-fields · 25d ago

I'm Jameel, the founder of Fall In. We host hackathons for veterans. Our next is coming up in November - would love to have you as a guest speaker! Last [April], we had [these cool people] come talk, each for 15m. Would do the same with you, focused on growth hacking, given your past _[at / doing xyz]_.

Let me know!


sole-fields · 31d ago

What is "September would be great." in response to?

sole-fields · 31d ago

Happy to help! no comp needed... post here!

sole-fields · 30d ago

Maybe "competitive intelligence agency" (CIA)

sole-fields · 30d ago

I don't like harvesting as a word.

What is the exact moment when someone has the problem which your software will solve?

sole-fields · 32d ago

This is interesting!

1. It's too basic as-is. If you can make it seem more complex and maybe give it a personality like a "private eye" that'd be beneficial. I think your one-liner could be more fun. Something like "CIA in your pocket" even though that's not good at all. I would be excited to use this if the visuals weren't so standard and the company came across as more fun / secretive / sneaky.

Good luck! Any traction with folks so far? Seems like a fun idea, to be honest. I'm imagining your approach is just to scrape publicly available data and monitor that data in a dashboard?

Improve those visuals! Make it more fun & secretive! Like you're paying for an intelligence agency online...

sole-fields · 60d ago

Thanks for the share.

sole-fields · 61d ago

Interesting. So this would be... you make your LinkedIn "actively looking" and that brings them in?

sole-fields · 61d ago

Yep, THESE are growth hacks. Awesome. Any similarly creative approaches for Roboflow?