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snounds · 218d ago

Yes lets do that what us your email

snounds · 219d ago

Agreed really love this space and what pioneer has to offer... we will still use the tools to launch quickly and check in on the startup in our class. For me personally, the time on here we could have applied elsewhere. What we are building we feel is hard to explain ( our fault ) and will take the theme of ( money talks bullshit walks ) and once we prove we can grow our users and reach $5000 MRR we should be good .. already we seen our user sign ups increase

snounds · 220d ago

your website is coming along and maybe we can connect startups in the future

snounds · 220d ago

Thank you so much I really appreciate it!

snounds · 220d ago

Yes we have a few friends on this platform and we will need to keep in contact .. what is your email?

snounds · 220d ago

Thank you so much!

snounds · 221d ago

Snounds is great for the current world we live in or use of the Meta Verse. We can service traditional music investors or new ones that believe in that space

snounds · 221d ago

Sure .. we use some of our resources in messaging back people and doing research and setting up KPIs etc. We are going to focus on revenue that's all. We have a few customers that are paying more than we though and if we could maintain them or get more we will be in a good position. We were told that having $5,000 MRR will have investors knocking at the door. So the only KPI we are focusing on is 5,000 MRR

snounds · 328d ago

Sorry for the late response. What's your email address so we can connect?

snounds · 336d ago

Sorry, it's