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shunyamada · 2d ago

Thank you so much! I updated!

shunyamada · 15d ago

Thanks too :) Pitch each other is also a good idea.

shunyamada · 15d ago

Thank you so much! I will keep it going at a different time.
So please stay in the loop :)

shunyamada · 31d ago

Well done :)

shunyamada · 74d ago

Awesome ;) Let's talk about it, please ping me

shunyamada · 74d ago

Thanks so much!

shunyamada · 74d ago

Thank you, Blake :)

shunyamada · 88d ago


shunyamada · 90d ago

Thanks too!

shunyamada · 85d ago

Hmm, I sometimes saw the emails from Pioneer on spam...
Hope DKIM setup helps you.