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samvanderjagt · 111d ago

I spend around two hours - while it can sometimes be a drag, I honestly find it fun to do and see all the various other projects people are working on. I'm always imagining being an investor and thinking which of these companies I would want to invest in and why. With the right approach it's a good learning opportunity. Learn from what others do well / don't do well to improve your own project and it suddenly becomes worth taking the time for.

samvanderjagt · 127d ago

From looking around me, I've noticed it's different for everyone. For some, productivity tools might work, for others they won't. Some things that help me stay productive every day:

- At the end of each day, set a goal for the next day. What do you want to accomplish? When you start your next day, you'll already know what you can start working on
- Have a routine. Are there certain tasks you need to do every day? Can you start at around the same time every day? If you turn certain parts of your work into a habit, they become easier to follow
- Build accountability: if you're accountable to someone for completing the task, that might work. Promise things to users/testers with a deadline, have public product deadlines so you'll have to work on it, etc. This is definitely harder as a solo founder since you don't have a partner that you're accountable to.

Depending on whether you work best with positive or negative motivation, you could try rewarding yourself (positive) or 'punishing' yourself (negative) in relation to tasks that you complete. I.e. 'If I do this today, I'll have a nice dinner', or 'If I don't do this today, I'll stay in tonight'. Again, might or might not work for you. It seems childish, but on some days, it does work for me.

Also, self care is king: If you feel well (sleep well and eat well, like @kendsouza mentioned), it becomes easier to work well. Good luck :)