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sam@novamoney · 28d ago

Being a solo founder is about 10x harder than having co-founder as good and committed as you, but there are many examples of solo successful founders.

However it sounds like you went solo because you didn't meet the right person, so maybe try to look for someone passionate about the problem you want to solve. Finding a co-founder is very similar to dating.

sam@novamoney · 30d ago

Good for Mailchimp, but they're an exception in the small world of unicorns.

sam@novamoney · 111d ago

I spend a lot of hours reading about taxes, accounting, legal... Only to realise that it's a grey area. So I'll just do pick the most optimal setup and check with other similar founders if they reached the same conclusions.

sam@novamoney · 111d ago

I can definitely relate to that Brad!

sam@novamoney · 111d ago

Attracting top talented candidates when we can't pay anywhere close their market salary is hard.
Interviewing them used to be excessively time consuming but I switched to offline tech interview which saved me 40h+.

But I haven't found any hack to easily attract A-level employees.

sam@novamoney · 152d ago

I 100% agree with Brad.

sam@novamoney · 152d ago

Tough life life, you're a real hustler. I wish you the best!

sam@novamoney · 244d ago

I would like Club House if they didn't have this snobbish marketing strategy to be iOS only.

sam@novamoney · 256d ago

I like the idea of audio rooms, I think it definitely fills a gap in the social media space dominated by selfies, narcissist posts and teenage girls dancing.

Too bad it's available only on iPhone so far.

sam@novamoney · 258d ago

Pretty good, well done