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rishi · 3d ago

Hey all! We're investigating.

Edit: nothing out of the ordinary here -- I've followed up with a few folks separately.

rishi · 7d ago

Should be resolved now. Do let us know if the issue continues. And if you find an email from us in your spam folder, please mark it as not spam! Thank you :-)

rishi · 9d ago

Thanks Shun! We do indeed have DKIM set up.

rishi · 9d ago

Yes, we're indeed seeing some delivery issues! Working on it right now. You can still access your weekly feedback here: https://play.pioneer.app/voting/132/feedback.

rishi · 78d ago

https://stripe.com/radar is a personal favorite

rishi · 81d ago

https://muzzleapp.com is a classic example.

rishi · 81d ago

Yes to both! You'll get notifications rolled up at most once a day via email.

rishi · 94d ago

Indeed, on it!

rishi · 94d ago

Hey all -- Rishi from the Pioneer team here. Appreciate all the thoughtful comments.

Clarification: Pioneers (i.e. previous winners) are not counted when we review the top 50. If there are 20 Pioneers in the global top 50, we'll review the top 70.

I'll make this explicit in our FAQ and a few other places today.