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rishi · 173d ago

Hey! Feel free to email us at team@pioneer.app and we can delay your review once you reach the top 50.

rishi · 362d ago

Hmm yes good catch, we'll revisit that! Thanks Andy.

rishi · 362d ago

Hey! We removed the feature since uptake was fairly low. But if you enjoyed it, I'd encourage you to include a Loom video in your answer to "What did you accomplish this week?".

rishi · 402d ago

Hey! Sorry to hear that. I agree with the other comments -- it takes persistence to excel in voting. We've looked into intentional downvoting a few times and haven't found evidence of it happening at any significant level. I also looked into your specific results for this week and it does look like voters just had some tough decisions to make!

Keep at it -- look forward to seeing you at the top of the leaderboard!

- Rishi (Pioneer team)

rishi · 408d ago

You scared me for a moment!

rishi · 516d ago

Hey! We answered your question at the last event: https://youtu.be/Zf1q7TtbvCk?t=1419.

rishi · 550d ago

We collected requests from a small random set of players in the Tournament. We'll do more of these!

rishi · 584d ago

A short gif or autoplaying demo video would be great, especially now when there isn't a product to try. Screenshot works too if all you have are designs right now.

rishi · 613d ago

Hey all! We're investigating.

Edit: nothing out of the ordinary here -- I've followed up with a few folks separately.

Shared by rishi · 619d ago · 5 comments
rishi · 617d ago

Should be resolved now. Do let us know if the issue continues. And if you find an email from us in your spam folder, please mark it as not spam! Thank you :-)