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rickkoletavitoglu · 6d ago

Create lots of content that is relevant to your customer. Publish it under the name of your company. Become a thought leader in the space and cultivate an audience.

rickkoletavitoglu · 25d ago

Not currently. We are tinkering with a "freemium" model.

rickkoletavitoglu · 28d ago

Feedback on our Landing Page: https://www.150birds.com/ Thanks!

rickkoletavitoglu · 53d ago

Just signed up!

rickkoletavitoglu · 69d ago


rickkoletavitoglu · 94d ago

Congrats! Looks like a cool service - Upvoted.

rickkoletavitoglu · 121d ago

I am open to it too! rick@150birds.com