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It’s an advantage to be matched against pioneers if they have a high score. If you get a upvote against a high score you get even more points for your own project. In addition, even though pioneers are listed in the top 50 they are subtracted from the ranking for considering new pioneers. So if there are 7 pioneers in the top 50 then the 57th ranked project is considered by the experts.

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I suppose we could make a pact to drive comment engagement on each other’s business social media with our individual personal accounts. Meaningful positive comments like many of us do here on frontier. Without being critical though(or deceptive of course) with an understanding of preserving each other’s public perception.

We shouldn’t comment with our business accounts unless it’s beneficial to both parties.

We could organize an event to catalogue the core values each of our projects wants to convey and then create a group schedule for engaging each other’s posts.

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I'm intrigued. I neglect my AWS in favor of Digital Ocean recently. I checked your website and it didn't make me want to sign up automatically. I can't tell what the interface really looks like. There's a small screen shot there in the top but hard to read. No demo or slides. I'd like to be compelled more to sign up. One question. Looking at your pricing the free tier is without write access. What does that mean exactly?

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Also, I always like to vote while I’m chilling listening to a podcast or Netflix in the background. More relaxing that way.

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I know what you mean. I’m just about to do voting and saw this post. My technique now is scroll right down to the requested feedback section and read that first to inform myself how to proceed in reviewing the project. If you have a busy week do your voting and give the best feedback you can time allowing. Allow the projects which truly inspire you to beckon extra attention.

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Thanks for the answer. That works

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It’s great idea. Might be a little late to prepare for this year but if you populate your app with the needed pictures and sound and begin ad campaign immediately you could get some conversions.

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We’re looking to fill a few roles for JoesWriters.Club

1. Some light front end work(not a complete redesign but tweaking a few media queries and maintaining a few pages.)

2. Planning scaling possibly with K8s.

3. Some audio and video editing.

4. Maybe self hosting our podcast RSS feed.

We don’t have a budget for salary but are willing to negotiate an equity share. Keep in mind we already have 12 partners in this organization and 30 other members so shares are already getting pretty valuable.