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rememberlenny · 40d ago

100% - best source of all my news and insights

rememberlenny · 212d ago

Likely a low percentage. For Pioneers in past, I believe people were chosen based on proven traction, and prove your ability to build quickly,

rememberlenny · 252d ago

I dont think it works. Unless there is a specific audience you are trying to reach that you know responds to this kind of content, I would change course.

This UI pattern is too common in long form news pieces that have the slide-per-page layout. It also follows the "im reading a PDF" on my computer.

I would revisit what "crowded" means and then go from there. Sounds like the good things you have going are that you are trying to invoke a response from your end user, and you are starting with that. The not so good thing is that your execution is being correlated to other experiences the end user has already had, so the novelty to you is going to come off differently to others.

Also just a note - if you have to write a short essay to convey a landing page, then that might allude to it being hard to grasp.

Key points for landing page: do I know what you are offering in the first 2.3 seconds.
Next: can you convince me to care over the next 4.8 seconds.

I'm being dramatic of course, but you get the point.

Shared by rememberlenny · 338d ago · 2 comments
rememberlenny · 337d ago

@cregox - The component of managing free products is great. This is something I need to think about, but I'm definitely leaning toward only focusing on high value products that charge money and want to satisfy their existing paying customers.