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razin · 595d ago

We are a B2B SaaS, have more than a hundred users (on our beta) but haven't started charging yet. We track weekly active users (WAUs) which we measure by looking at how many people performed a particular action in the app in a given week. Hope this helps!

razin · 631d ago

Thanks Patrick. I had actually been leaning towards Clerky but it sounds like I should do a little more research before committing.

razin · 631d ago

Thanks Antonio. I hadn't heard of Swyft Filings but based on your experience, they seem worth checking out.

razin · 659d ago

Thanks for the reminder! A few weeks, I wrote that I took a few days off to spend some time with my family for Eid (basically Muslim Christmas) in my weekly Pioneer update. One of the people who rated my update gave me feedback amounting too "no one will vote for you for taking a holiday". While that maybe true, it struck a nerve and I decided to take an extra day off :)