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ramraghavan · 678d ago

https://mywellbeingindex.co.uk/createMyAccount.php?typ=manager - Launched the professional wellbeing aspect. Still working on the personal wellbeing side. Now trying to get customers to use it

ramraghavan · 683d ago

I use something called Linkedhelper to help connect with people who are operating in my space and narrow the search to a smaller zone.. I was surprised to see how many people were there in such a small area. Process is, Invite to connect, send first email with some content, second follow up to find out if they have questions, request their feedback or request for a catch up call. It works!

ramraghavan · 683d ago

Whilst, I knew the solution to build and being a visual I created the entire journey and got it coded. All of it seemed to flow perfectly (atleast in my head). I spoke to a few people who provided some feedback but something was amiss. I got a few users to share the screen and then go through the journey.. That revealed areas where they struggled, what could be clarified, simplified or eliminated altogether.. Seeing them use your product gives a perspective which you would not get just by talking to them.