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Thanks for the feedback. We totally agree that we are in the nascent stages of web3 and mass crypto adoption yet we are building a community for the long term. The hirer pays the gas (currently at $0.06 per completed project) and multi currency options are coming in the next week to have more than MATIC to avoid volatility concerns.

We added NFTs as an element to the transactions of work so workers can build a profile, in the future hirers can customise to match branding and to create a fun visual element, a key part of web3.

We updated our description on the original post as I don't think we were that clear. Current platforms have extortionate fees for both hirer and worker, have long payout times and there is no proof of ability to complete a project. · 111d ago

Its way simpler. A worker completes a job, earns an NFT. A hirer can see what projects they have worked on backed by the NFT as proof they did the work. We love it and so do the companies in web3 working with us. We believe its a far better way to hire. · 111d ago

27 million as you call them "crypto freaks" in the US hold may be behind the curve on this one. NFT for work history - a better resume. Nothing illegal at all, we have companies about to onboard with us and have legal advisors in place. $1.5T is the size of the freelancer market globally and growing, I think thats big enough for scale. Plus, before the next update, people will be able to get paid in stable coins so no risk of volatility.