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ptmn · 5d ago

Oh, Ning was the first case study of my competitor analysis nearly a decade ago. I still remember I skip classes and commute in 4 hours to work for free at a startup. Just to get a sense of what it was like in 2 years.

Anyway, in a 10 year retro, I just realize that simple task like writing gratitude notes is super helpful. However this practice does not come naturally. You might need more help. Join me if you are interested.

ptmn · 12d ago

I was rejected in a monthly tournament. And out of the blue, I won after 5-6 submissions with zero expectation later with an unpredictable pivot. At that moment, my server was down along with a domain. I ran out of cash and have to borrow money from friends to bring everything back. However, in a retro, all of those were norms. If possible, I could write a long essay about how to fail and count rejections as blessings. Good luck, players!

ptmn · 68d ago

I soon give up an idea of a leaderboard. I am here with community. Learn new things and make friends. Build a good positive habit. Any way, merry xmas and happy new year.

ptmn · 79d ago

Sounds great - we would love to learn more. Sending you a Hi via email.

ptmn · 81d ago

Please help us spread words. I desperately search for a solution.

ptmn · 81d ago

I can feel it. It's also my problem. Frequently burn out, often get sick, lack of concentration, etc. So bad that I have to seek advice everywhere and try to set up new habits, e.g. write out 10 things of gratitude, meditate more, take more rest, etc. hopefully to push me out of the bottom.

Anyway, here is a few articles. Just let them be open on your tab to read whenever you need a reminder.

If you have the same exp, we love to listen - Take care & stay safe.

ptmn · 126d ago

Yes, she is - the Wonderwoman. There is no secret. Just apply a lot. Fail a lot. And have skin in the game.

ptmn · 127d ago

To be a successful researcher or founder, you have to face rejections all the time. When things work, it's about luck. No one would explicitly tell how one day, they suddenly won a Nobel Prize or their startup become a Unicorn. It's a long winding process, not a result.

One of my house mate is a female scientist coming from a rural area in Vietnam. Initially trained as a physicist, but then turn to be a biologist because of not able to find a job. When going for an academic interview, she was pregnant the second time and worked in lab from 8 am to 10 pm. I was only able to talk to her at midnight.

Last year, her work was selected by Bill Gates as top 10 Breakthrough for Blood Testing.

ptmn · 138d ago

Landing page is a light weight MVP to know whether if anyone are interested in your message. A good landing page will help you earn a good traction.

At the early stage while you're incrementally building next version of product, its goal is to extract information, e.g. validate hypothesis, how to tailor a message, identify segments, etc. Super useful for customer development. Paid ads will be not helpful when you don't know about a target audience.

It's a starting point of a long winding process, but not everything. Personally, I think startup founders should spend more time on iterating on their landing pages more than fund raising.

ptmn · 145d ago

TL;DR Be yourself.

1. PG, YC's co-founder, has a good long essay about this.

2. For those interested in entrepreneurship, Steve Blank, a well-known entrepreneur & professor in SV, also has 2 minute's introduction:

3. For those interested in academic research, here is a distill knowledge shared by Yann Lecun - Alan Turing Laureate,