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ptmn · 31d ago

Most of my pivots always has a strong factor called emotion.

Probably I did have an excitement, but it was ten years ago. I personally don't think much about the past. And each time, it was always a waking call with a new perspective. I found something more important than anything else. And if I hadn't do that I would live in regret till the rest of my life.

To me, startups mean to build for the future. Similar to my previous journey with frontier research. It is all about spotting the missing piece of a big picture.

ptmn · 44d ago

I use Zoho Mail (made by a company based in a rural India)

* Pros: Their free option gives five accounts with great standard and technical support.
* Cons: No IMAP/ POP3 for that plan.

Still it's good enough!

ptmn · 76d ago

Two minute video:
* Being an entrepreneur, founders or members of founding team is not a job;
* The curriculum that really matches to this journey is more similar to art school than an engineering school;
* Here you will find the business canvas - stick to this if you want to survive the startup "game".

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ptmn · 85d ago

I did leave the Valley twice and don't know if there is the third time, but Silicon Valley is indeed a state of mind than the physical world.

ptmn · 85d ago

I work on research and move around to talk with people everywhere I travel. In the lab, I code. When I can't code, I find unrelated fun activities. Things just add up over years with a long list of several random things I tried.

It does not make sense to lots of people, but indeed it helps me connect with a lot of super interesting people.

To me the right things just happen as it should be with very little effort and in the most unexpected way.

May the flow be with you :)

ptmn · 96d ago

I use GA. Fathom might be another option - I have not tried yet, but it would the right fit for GDPR.

ptmn · 118d ago

I would love to hear from Pioneer Team about the landing page Your feedback would be critical for the next version in early July.

Also we have questions about North Star Metric. This month, we have a surge of growth up to +80% for 500K volume without paying anything. In a dark age of finding PMF, we start to see some tiny light beam somewhere in the funnel. However, we still doubt a lot.

Should we build more landing page to have 1000 more in waitlist or drive 10 more qualified users to a beta product? Right now we are playing with small batches with a random ratio, however it takes awhile to have data.

ptmn · 129d ago

I am thinking about changing landing page -- however, here is it

ptmn · 138d ago

I learned to code at age 14, but I hated programming.

The last thing I could remember was a joy from designing a game at the of 3 years learning C/C++. I left computer science and became a self-taught graphical designer. People loved my style - so they keep inviting me into projects in their schools, clubs and their network.

It was how I joined startup 10 years ago though I just learned pure math solved paper and pen with academic trajectory.

ptmn · 145d ago

To be honest, you should do what you believe. Whatever it is because it's your life and your journey.