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praneethkasula · 357d ago

That's a good way, I plan to do that too. But sometimes, some people don't have the time to do it in time for submission. All I'm saying is... things happen, everyone is trying.

praneethkasula · 357d ago

I honestly believe everyone is trying their best. By far, this is one of the most effective communities I've come across. Sometimes people post their updates at the last minute. And some weeks there may not be real progress updates, but we don't want to lose our points so we might try to post a digestible piece of update. As a result, some might end up posting a vague update that may or may not have an ask.

If anything, we should evaluate this as a flaw in the system, rather than viewing players in a negative light. We can always downvote if we don't like an update.

For instance, my product is not built yet. It's still under construction, and waitlist is the validation mechanism many of us use to build interest and keep up ourselves accountability. Anyone can choose to signup or not signup.

praneethkasula · 357d ago

I'm feeling it too. But I'm just keeping an open mind right now. Just showing up for serendipity and the connections we can make.

praneethkasula · 403d ago

On the same boat as well! YC would have been nice but that doesn't stop us. In fact, it is forcing me to think for better roadmaps.