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I def. want to hear or read the whole story; emailing now :) · 333d ago

Nice, what self-hosted email server stack do you use? · 335d ago

Thanks, forgot about them! · 335d ago

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Thanks! My question was a bit unclear: by "startup domain email backend" I mean the place where your business email server is hosted, not the service you use to send marketing or transactional email.

What do you use for email server hosting? · 336d ago

Thanks, Andy. Looks $45 USD/mo, compulsory for all employees; do you have any discounts or anything? · 336d ago

Thanks for the details. Cheers! · 336d ago

Hi jb, thanks for getting me outside my USA bubble :) Looks like the first upgrade from free to paid Yandex email is ₽153 Russian Rubles, or about $2.10 USD; do you find any significant limitations in the free product you wish weren't there? · 516d ago

Another interesting point: pivots are an integral part of lean startup techniques, and in the original framework, they're not such a big deal as we as founders have made them seem since:

I think part of that is perspective: it seems like a big thing to us to make a change, obsessed as we are with our ideas and up and down with every small bit of feedback early. However to our potential users, of whom maybe we have talked to like 0.00001% so far, it's either not a big deal or not even on their radar yet.