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share the contract account

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The design of world fairs has been presented as a significant event in the career of architects and the history of cities. This approach though is misleading. One has to look into the evolution of the design of cities to find the roots that generated the events-places that today we know as -trade fairs. Hope this answers your question

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You can also reach as at

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Pumping up valuations for C. From 0 to $1B in less than a year, and now trying to onboard as many communities as possible. Probably on the way for one more financing round in astronomical valuations. Markets are irrational right now and VC's are capitalising on that.

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My understanding of this post, and the related tweet [deleted] from DG.
Clubhouse is a VC owned and managed venture and is going down the drain. There are so many toxic people there and so much bad publicity. Why would anyone want to get in there? Is C so important for Pioneer? Pioneer and Clubhouse is not a match and so we have this deep thinking JayLewis individual who might potentially some day work on a project, trying to find out.
So Pioneer is going to Clubhouse?. Sounds like the Joe Rogan deal with Spotify.

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I don't like Pioneer serving my feed with surveys that are not genuinely honest. This phrase —Not working on a project yet, is highly unprofessional in my opinion.

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I can't tweet without Not any more

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I'm the creator of UnitedBits, the world's leading network for music pioneers - we are building out the new music economy.

Clubhouse intro

Pretty awesome. You get emojis too

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I was enrolled in Pioneer for several months. Javascript was an unknown word in my vocabulary. I had use Python for several years coding algorithms for doing the design but that's nothing like building internet markets.
At some point, I decided I am going to learn Ruby on Rails. When finished the course I realised that the production code was another story. I had a problem deploying a database on Heroku. I posted an ad in several freelancers places and made an offer for anyone willing to solve the problem. [Frontier panel included]
Several replies came in. The first guy I commissioned the job was a joke. He tried deploying the codebase, didn't succeed, but I paid him. It was not the time to create a bad reputation on a freelancers site. I was a newbie and desperate to start building.

A few days later I got a message. A guy from Lahore announced that he has fixed the problem and code was deployed. I paid the money. I asked him to continue working with me on an hourly basis. I increased his requested hourly fee by 50% bring it to the levels I would pay in Athens. He was my first hire. We are working together since then on a 6 days per week basis. Six months later, when I was sure that I had a product, I offered him a big chunk of equity. We communicate with texts and tools. [Have you ever designed a Postgress in Figma?] We spoke only once over Skype when started collaborating.
So this is the story of my first hire turned co-founder.
Building this relationship was [is] hard. I had to show empathy and understanding and spent time despite my own problems and whatever situation I was going through.

I am very proud of what we are achieving now. We ship code on a daily basis. The team is growing stronger. I feel stronger. I can now confidently state to my audience that we are building an alternative to Spotify. We are creating a new marketplace for "unreleased" music. We are developing an online market that simply does not exists today. And this statement today is not just empty words or wishful thinking. Is a fact, coded on Ruby on Rails and Ethereum, remotely from Athens and Lahore.
We are building at pioneer dot app.

Here is what we do:

The network for ambitious musicians.
Today no easy way exists to commission new music work to artists or become a music patron.

UnitedBits is a platform marketplace where individuals can request a music piece, artists compose, perform and get paid."

For all those solo founders looking for co-founders, I say that sometimes you have to built your co-founders the same way you built your app.

Send your feedback, I [we] are listening