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Find CTO but pay them salary even it is in a small amount, like half or third of their current job pays and also give them some equity. · 73d ago

Exactly. It is like free survey/feedback where you don't really spend much time to get. · 77d ago

We don't have any monetization plan for now. We're still exploring the cryptoeconomics that suitable with out use-case. · 78d ago

We do have feature called Memento which is a group of memory (collective memory) that are owned by user in which they have their own rule. Think of it as a mesh network. · 78d ago

- NEXT.js for frontend
- NodeJS for backend
- MongoDB for database

I believe what we do here doesn't require crazy engineering stack, just keep it simple. No need kubernetes or any other "big" tech, it doesn't seems like we gonna deploy 1000 services everyweek