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oras · 285d ago

If that's the case, then this is discrimination and I would leave pioneer immediately if proven true. How did you get this impression?

Edit: I checked the FAQ page and they do mention they think they can help young people the most.


Am I too old for Pioneer? Too young?

> Apart from any legal restrictions, there is no age limit for Pioneer. We think we can help young people the most, but we'll gladly fund anyone at any age.

oras · 286d ago

Good luck Manoj, looking forward to seeing your progress and how you will crush these KPIs.

oras · 289d ago

I feel your pain Wout, here is another idea for the Pioneer team:

1) If someone is not asking for specific feedback, they should not appear in the weekly feedback.
2) If someone didn't review the feedback given, they should lose points.
3) If someone is just copy/pasting the same content across all the feedback, they should lose points.

I've been here for almost 40 weeks, and I noticed the quality of feedback had dropped a lot.

oras · 299d ago

Congrats Emin, you've worked very hard and I'm sure you'll hit your next milestone quickly. Keep up the great work!

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oras · 306d ago

Can you skip? I didn't know that.

oras · 310d ago

1) Deals.
2) CRM.
3) Newsletter.

and soon I might try some advertising.

oras · 311d ago

I'm using the 90% discount for startups and it's been great.

oras · 312d ago

Congrats Emin! This is great.
I would echo everyone to focus on sales but at the same time put some money for SEO marketing by writing articles related to your niche.

oras · 315d ago

I would also like to ask: What is the average number of newly selected pioneers per month?

oras · 325d ago

I don't know if it is pivot but I have created extra features for Job Description AI to post to Google Jobs and soon to other platforms. There will be also another product in the coming 6 months.

The new product will be the main offer for enterprises and the current one will be for startups and recruitment agencies.

I am in private beta right now, time will tell about the decision.