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oras · 5d ago

Congrats Emin, you've worked very hard and I'm sure you'll hit your next milestone quickly. Keep up the great work!

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oras · 12d ago

Can you skip? I didn't know that.

oras · 17d ago

1) Deals.
2) CRM.
3) Newsletter.

and soon I might try some advertising.

oras · 17d ago

I'm using the 90% discount for startups and it's been great.

oras · 18d ago

Congrats Emin! This is great.
I would echo everyone to focus on sales but at the same time put some money for SEO marketing by writing articles related to your niche.

oras · 20d ago

I like this new update to show newcomers and leavers. Keep up the great work!

oras · 21d ago

I would also like to ask: What is the average number of newly selected pioneers per month?

oras · 31d ago

I don't know if it is pivot but I have created extra features for Job Description AI to post to Google Jobs and soon to other platforms. There will be also another product in the coming 6 months.

The new product will be the main offer for enterprises and the current one will be for startups and recruitment agencies.

I am in private beta right now, time will tell about the decision.

oras · 62d ago

I agree with your reasons Andy, I actually left the weekly meeting calls as I stopped seeing any value in them. You have identified the exact issue, lack of control and matching.

I had the exact same issue with YC startup school, out of the 4 meetings during the last build sprint, I had only one valuable call where all founders were in the same field and we are still in touch 6 months after that call.

Is there a way in LunchClub to add a tag? For instance, we can add a tag (pioneer.app) so you can meet founders from pioneer without reinventing the tool specifically for pioneer.

oras · 68d ago

It might not be categorised as a book for startups but "Anyone Can Do It" by Duncan Bannatyne.