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oras · 1d ago

I don't recall seeing anything about building. You set your own KPIs, you write about your own progress, whether it's marketing, selling, new features, pivot based on feedback .. you name it.

There is another point you got wrong due to your technical background. "almost always find the building part the easiest part of solving any given problem"

Tell that to non-technical founders learning to code or using no-code to make a solution they can validate.

I am an engineer too, and I've meeting founders from all over the world in the last 3 months. Seeing how many non-technical founders struggle with the building would change your perspective.

By the way, where did you get the impression that Pioneer rewards building?

oras · 2d ago

It has been great actually. I always look back and review the list on Sunday morning to see what I have accomplished during the week.

oras · 8d ago

My challenges are:
1) My product covers 2 segments.
a) Companies that don't know how to write job ads/job descriptions.
b) Companies that have job descriptions and looking to optimise them to be more inclusive.

Currently, the product is mixing both. I don't want to waste few weeks developing separation when I still do not have many customers. I prefer to get more, understand how I can improve the product for them then decide.

2) B2B sales is a long process.
I am trying to learn how should I plan my time between prospecting, demos, posting updates and development.

What I am doing is writing down every single task I do during the week. Give each task a few meta info (simplicity, expected impact, actual impact, time consumed and justification). I use this to reflect at the end of the week to see which tasks were more important than others.

I learned this technique from a YC talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XcCmMOWuAF4

oras · 23d ago

The idea sounds brilliant but looking at your price I suppose this is not for early-stage startups?
I think (as you have pointed out) it would be a good fit for agencies to outsource some of their work.

All the best!

oras · 26d ago

Thank you for the great list.
What is the average MRR threshold to raise a seed fund under 500K$?

It would be great to make your list as a table (airtable or similar) with some requirements.