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omarkamali · 314d ago

Hello Pioneers!

Monitoro is a no code tool to react to website changes and setup alerts / sync data / trigger integrations or just send the extracted data anywhere you want.

The idea started from a feeling of frustration and missed opportunity.

Who else also had to keep refreshing a website or opening it regularly to know when a product is available, an appointment frees up or a new result appears in a search?

In a more professional setting, it's even more daunting to create a spreadsheet by copy pasting data from many webpages, or even worse, keeping that spreadsheet up to date by checking those websites regularly.

The pattern repeats, from personal situations to more complicated business processes. For example, tracking the price of dozens of commodities on multiple marketplaces across many vendors implies having a dedicated team of associates or advanced tooling that requires technical know-how to set up and operate.

We are making this history. Monitoro effectively gives you a superpower, the ability to be notified about anything of interest to you. And we are making it possible without having to learn any new skills.

We recently opened signups publicly and are growing daily. We are working on nailing the UX before a more visible launch on Product Hunt and other platforms.

If this sounds like something useful to you, I'd love to hear your user feedback (and will prioritize your requests! :))

Sign up here:

Demo (playlist):

omarkamali · 839d ago

This is pretty cool but we only capture data, and don’t do any automation.

That means you can use Monitoro to get info about doc appointments, meetings etc, but for the auto registration it’s not a great fit.

Thanks for your feedback!

omarkamali · 839d ago

Please take a look here:

I think tech people will do their own cron job.

Our value goes beyond a cloud cron job. Setting up the infra at the scale we did is very unlikely to be possible for a single dev in a reasonable amount of time, while at the same time ensuring it works for the purpose it was made for.

At the same time we’re seeing growing interest from non technical people and we’re working on ways to make it more accessible to them.

Thank you for your input! The website is in constant improvement.

omarkamali · 844d ago

Also not the first company to do this

It depends on your angle.

We're the first to take such a data-centric approach. Most companies in this space are either:
- Monitoring changes at all, sending you a screenshot or a text diff at best
- Scraping datasets on a one-off or a complex way to do it (deploy infra, download csv etc)

What we're offering is a way to build an API from a website's data feeds.
This feed contains the raw data, for example the actual new price for a product. This can be leveraged to trigger automation such as automatically matching the lowest price in the market (with some safeguards), automatically purchasing an item etc...

Which companies did you have in mind that have focused on doing this before?

omarkamali · 844d ago

Idea seems cool, but I couldn't get the website to load (tried variations with or without www, https etc)

omarkamali · 850d ago

Just went through the basic tutorial.

It's quite neat and streamlined. I noted a couple of points:

● The necessity to extract the chess dataset zip to reupload it back is a bit strange. I tried to drop the zip I got and then got an error. Having to extract the zip in a good location, making sure to clean it up afterwards imo is a drag on the experience at the very first stage (but I might just be bickering here).

● The onboarding coach marks disappear when clicking on the backdrop, and there's no way to bring them back. I mistakenly clicked on the backdrop twice and lost the instruction that was there. A button "Show current step" or such would have been helpful.

● I'm arguably not an ML practitioner, but I would have appreciated a link at the end of the dataset tutorial on how to train on the chess dataset. I know it's not your core business, but linking directly to an article of yours for the beginners would have been useful.

● I found the onboarding experience good, but not great. It was flat overall, with no emotional "rollercoaster" or a "Wow" moment at any point throughout. You basically need a "buildup" and a "drop" somewhere (like in electronic music :D). This could be for example taking me directly to a Colab notebook ready to take the chess dataset to do something useful.

I hope these points were useful. You've got an excellent product nevertheless! Kudos :-)

I will definitely come back to try achieving something (as discussed before with you Brad)