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Thanks man! what communities do you hop in? and how do you find help? · 695d ago

I didn't know about this article at all. Thanks man! really inspiring! · 701d ago

Thanks man! such an inspiring story. Will definitely check Bubble and added it to my future course in . Do you mind to share your learning curve on Bubble? What are the challenges? · 701d ago

Got it, I like airtable more because the UI is more simple and intuitive tbh · 701d ago

ah I never heard of Glitch before, what's that? · 701d ago

Nice! heard that one too. Have you used it? · 701d ago

could you share more on what's the purpose of naologic? · 702d ago

Nice, many people are recommending Glide. Worth to try I guess! · 702d ago

Heard of it! will definitely try that one too! Thanks~ · 701d ago

Nice! been following you since I build my past project ( Keep climbing and hopefully you will get accepted! What's other benefit that you get aside from weekly updates?