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Making it to 500$ in MRR :)

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Monolithic vs micro-services architecture
From my experience, a big repository is still much simpler and practical than a big bundle of repositories with small apps inside. It also makes it much harder to get a good overview of the whole system when you have many services. Odds are you would not even realise someone hacked into one of your servers.

Do not offer username/password login options
You have to look at it more from a systemic point of view, statistically, there are more username/password auth that are poorly implemented than passwordless implementations. Of course if you're a great and smart developer, you can build an old-school password auth and everything will be fine. But on average, companies with password auth are less secure.
I'm always looking at security from a systemic point of view, not looking at any individual implementations.

Security is an ongoing concern, you're never done with security.

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What do you think is the AHA moment for our product ? ( - personal CRM)

We just launched our V2 - it's of course clunky, but is it just good enough?

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Hey! Nice work but I'm curious about the initial vision, are you sure that replying to 30 tickets in 30 seconds is actually an improvement of the customer experience? I'm wondering if a certain level of "good" friction isn't needed?

Maybe this can help: when I was working for a bigger company, the header was usually meaningless "Support request #3w34", so you had to check out the actual message, you might need to add the message to the view as well.

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Cool stuff! Focusing on counting the number of customers complaining about a certain issue is great. This was really missing with other tools.

Being able to generate clear reports for the product team with all the user-complains will be very useful as well!

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Nice work on the designs! The app seems quite complex already, what would you say is the key USP? What's the one thing that will differentiate you from Zendesk?

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Hey! Nice work on LunchClub! I'm also really impressed by what ETHGlobal has achieved! Would love to chat with you, you seem like a really cool guy Jacob!

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Week 1 Update
Seems like everything is being delayed... What a shame, I'm looking forward to chatting with the other participants!

I've been doing some research and thinking with a friend of mine who's also participating. We both don't really see why Zendesk sucks :P Obviously, it can be better, but hey, it's a huge company, making tons of money: it must be adding significant value. We'd like to hear more from Pioneer as to why exactly Zendesk sucks so bad.

Product-wise, it seems like the most valuable way to help big companies is to have a centralized profile for each customer (a Segment integration will come in handy for this), where anyone at the company can see exactly how the user used their product and interacted.

The goal for next week is to get on a call with a support agent for a big corporate to ask what tool they are using, what's working, and what's not.

nathanganser · 570d ago

This is a very insightful comment. Thank you!

Being ghosted isn't great.

Absolutely, I think this mainly happens because, in big companies, the people who ask for feedback and the people who implement new features are totally different, and the customer success teams don't have the necessary influence to do something.

However, this would be aimed mainly at small-mid companies

That's a very interesting one. In my startup life, I've been mainly building products for SMEs, because that's what I know, unfortunately, and it's also the only way to sell a product quickly. The time needed to build a corporate-ready product is very different.

I have worked for a mega-corp once in my life (a huge insurance company, for a small project) and building an enterprise product seems very complex, because the people you're building the product for will not actually buy from you... I'm wondering if it makes sense at all to interview support agents, even if we build a great product for them, they won't have any say in the software purchase process.