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mrk · 38d ago

For what it's worth, the only ads I ever see/hear at all on YouTube (don't use Facebook), are when the YouTuber integrates the sponsor's ad into their own script/dialogue. The others are all auto skipped by my browser's preinstalled ad-blocker. I've been on the net since it was text only, and in tech/sales just as long. Online ads are always going to be massively less effective than almost any other format because the person looking at the webpage is there for something, and the brain will auto-filter to find it. Since the web is dynamic not a static page like a newspaper, you're less likely to scan all the content on a page or get distracted by a splash of color, and less likely to watch a video if an ad pops up that you can't skip. For advertising on YouTube companies would get a lot more bang for the buck if they directly sponsor content creators instead of producing their own ads, IMHO.

mrk · 66d ago

What a great idea, I will try it out on the dozen or so Udemy courses I've yet to complete :)