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mohammadazeem · 225d ago

During 2016, I had to save rent for my co-founder to work on Qayaam (Airbnb of Pakistan). I took him under in my college dorms. People from outside are not allowed to stay, however, I was able to masquerade him as a student for six months. I even got him published as a student in our college magazine

mohammadazeem · 313d ago

True dat. I liked this podcast for the principles he taught.

mohammadazeem · 314d ago

One of my fav episode:

mohammadazeem · 518d ago

Brilliant!!! Can you explain about you how do see as an extension for Notion? Also, do you ever revisit your clippers and what makes you revisit them?

mohammadazeem · 519d ago

Hey!! Thanks for the motivation. We don't have to worry about the right issues because we are not monetizing the content. We come under Fair Use protection.

Let me know your feedback on the extension.

mohammadazeem · 551d ago

Laura's answer in a nutshell: approach things you don't understand with rage. Use your ego by challenging the premise of a concept.

Use your north star as a an ultimate filter.

mohammadazeem · 551d ago

Hi Laura, My name is Azeem. I am based in Pakistan and currently working on It's a Chrome extension that saves only the important parts of conversations without saving the whole thing.

I have a couple of questions for you:

1. How do you apporach to learn a new topic? Do you use a particular method or just read the books and talk to experts?

1. How do you select what information/knowledge to consume? What are your favorite filterning mechanism?

2. When selecting a book or a paper, how do you judge its the intial validity before commiting to read it?

2. Do you think that the answer of Longevity Problem lies in creating harmony within the bodily functions and systems rather then using the approach of locating the disease and destroy the disease?

mohammadazeem · 589d ago


mohammadazeem · 621d ago

Hi, my question is how to decide between doing 1-1 onboarding and keeping a waitlist for your product like Superhuman; and doing a simple launch and figure out who is using and start the conversation with them. What factors do I need to keep in mind while making this decision? Thank you!

mohammadazeem · 630d ago

After reading all the comments, I think that I need to find a balance between outsourcing and learning to build it ourselves. We just don't want to sacrifice the speed.