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Shared by parzival-436780 · 770d ago · 7 comments
mno1324 · 769d ago

Excellent! Please pursue this. I know I could use this all the time when watching Netflix!

mno1324 · 769d ago

So useful!!

mno1324 · 769d ago

So good I'm not even mad

mno1324 · 778d ago

Yes, that's quite the possibility!

Or alternativley consider a world where this is considered a weapon where nobody can outrun anybody wearing these shoes. Instead, regulations ban selling this to the general public. Governments bid to buy them for their task forces. It gets sold in the black market.

Oh wait, stop. Rewind. I temporarily forgot we live in world of cars and drones. It doesn't matter how fast you can run. Yep, these can only be used for fun!