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mkaic · 15d ago

Agree with this, although I still think the biggest issue I run into is when two updates are like almost exactly equal quality, so voting 100% for either of them feels wrong. Wish there was a "Tie" option.

mkaic · 37d ago

Honestly, $10/kg is such a frickin exciting number to even be remotely speculating about! I mean, that's like easily sub ~$1000 per person for tickets to ride!

mkaic · 37d ago

I think there's a non-zero chance we'll see artificial intelligence begin to seriously compete with humanity in art creation in the next 100 years, too, so yeah right now is totally the golden age -- tons of new tech, tons of demand, no automated solutions (yet).

mkaic · 37d ago

When it comes to far-future tech stuff, I also really enjoy the speculative (and beautifully animated) videos of Kurzgesagt on YouTube. They do a great job of diving into tons of wild theories and hypotheses that have yet to be tested for lack of sufficient technological advancement.

mkaic · 37d ago

Honestly, I just check daily and most/all of what I know or hear about modern scientific progress comes from what gets posted there (though I'm guessing there's a solid chance most people on Pioneer are already familiar with HN)

mkaic · 37d ago

True that, being petty certainly isn't gender-exclusive :)

mkaic · 38d ago

I'm a big believer that we're sitting squarely in elbow of the exponential curve of overall human progress, and lots of people don't even realize it. Our species isn't just moving forward at a constant rate, we're rapidly accelerating. It's super fricking exciting. I know the prompt was more along the lines of 20 years, but I can't resist going on a rant regarding a slightly larger time-frame :)

The next hundred years (in my non-expert opinion) will include:

•The first Mars colonies (honestly probably super soon), and very potentially the first colonies elsewhere in the solar system, too,
•Probably some advancements in anti-aging,
•Brain-computer interfaces, allowing for the Age of Information to boom even further,
•(Hopefully, if we can crack it) widespread fusion energy leading to the end of the global energy crisis,
•Potentially most of abject poverty vanished,
•The beginnings of human aspirations for interstellar travel becoming feasible.

I think us getting off-planet is super critical, because it acts as insurance. I think the number one threat to civilization as we know it is that we end up nuking ourselves into oblivion because some old men from different countries get into a fight over who's prettier. If we can leave the planet, suddenly we've got a second chance, and nuking the Earth doesn't mean the effective death of the species any more.

mkaic · 50d ago

Interesting, would you be able to point me towards an example of a FOSS project that does this?