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mkaic · 369d ago

[Not necessarily related directly to being an entrepreneur, just things that inspire me regularly.]

Two Minute Papers on YouTube:

If you ever want to get yourself hyped about working in tech in the modern day, watch a couple of Karoly's videos. His coverage of modern AI and simulation research is excellent, engaging, and never ceases to inspire me to keep working on building my own projects.

Other than that, in general, I just find it highly motivating to watch people who are absolute masters of their craft performing at their peak. Might not be interesting to those who aren't big into movie visual effects, but I'm always inspired when I watch the work of CGI artist and indie filmmaker Ian Hubert, who basically runs an entire Hollywood operation from his home and wears many different hats in the process:

mkaic · 376d ago

I have some community on the filmmaking side of things from before all of this, but not really any community at all on the AI side, which is why I'm currently trying to get a job at an AI startup -- I desperately want to make friends with people who I can ramble about PyTorch and convnets to. I haven't gone to college yet, so I don't have that community at the moment either.

mkaic · 377d ago

I got inspired by a YouTube video from Two Minute Papers, actually! ( I didn't really know anything about ML, but that was the video that inspired me to start taking Coursera courses about it. I started with Andrew Ng's famously free Machine Learning Stanford course, and then did a course on convolutional neural networks and then one on GANs.

After that, I just started trying to build this project from scratch and Googled everything I ran into that was unfamiliar. I still learn new things every time I have a serious coding session!

mkaic · 380d ago

I'm obsessed with making my filmmaking workflow as optimized as possible -- so I can get things done fast enough that I don't have time to lose motivation in the middle of the project.

I was spending a ton of time using greenscreen in my movies, and it was consistently frustrating and disappointing to work with. I'd seen a video of some recent AI research that could kind of do what I wanted (a greenscreen free greenscreen) but not quite, so I decided to start my own research on top of theirs.

Basically, I realized that my dream product was actually within my own reach to create, and that nobody else had created it yet.

mkaic · 425d ago

Watch if you dare! Used my siblings for actors.

mkaic · 429d ago

When I was very young, my absolute fricking hero was the YouTuber/Viner Zach King. I was obsessed with how he made such cool special effects in his videos, so I watched a bunch of tutorials and made a Harry Potter fan film.

It had no real plot, featured a pink plastic shopping cart, and had the jankiest VFX you've ever seen, which I'd created using Apple's Motion 5 (a software primarily intended for motion graphics, not VFX).

It's the earliest short film of mine I still have a copy of. Now, ~9 years later, I'm part of the Pioneer tournament making software to help me produce my current-day VFX short films!

mkaic · 438d ago

From the Tournament page, you can click on the dropdown by your username on the top right and select "Submissions". Should have a list of all the progress updates you've made!

mkaic · 473d ago

Agree with this, although I still think the biggest issue I run into is when two updates are like almost exactly equal quality, so voting 100% for either of them feels wrong. Wish there was a "Tie" option.

mkaic · 495d ago

Honestly, $10/kg is such a frickin exciting number to even be remotely speculating about! I mean, that's like easily sub ~$1000 per person for tickets to ride!

mkaic · 495d ago

I think there's a non-zero chance we'll see artificial intelligence begin to seriously compete with humanity in art creation in the next 100 years, too, so yeah right now is totally the golden age -- tons of new tech, tons of demand, no automated solutions (yet).