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mirr.tech · 10d ago

Honestly, I wish I could vote for more than three pieces some weeks. I try to acknowledge it in the replies.

I have to say the voting for only three does make you really examine the feedback and take it all in sometimes though, the valuing each stops me rushing into it. It's good on you for publicly thanking people.

mirr.tech · 10d ago

Really good, I enjoyed it and appreciate the feedback!

mirr.tech · 16d ago

Exactly! It seems then that our points are relient on other players willingness to vote on their assigned reports. Seems amiss

mirr.tech · 25d ago

I've little to no experience with this but I wish you the best of luck! Take a deep breath, and just go for it!

mirr.tech · 40d ago

At the moment I find I'm getting a lot less generic feedback, haven't had a week full of "Great report, I've up-voted you" in a while. I think when I do get good feedback I generally vote for the most relevant or those that answer what I've asked for feedback on. Or generally as ignore123 said when there is clearly time put into it. I like helping out with the feedback, I spend a couple hours on it and it is appreciated when I see someones done the same for me.

I also much negative feedback that gives something for me to work on rather than a compliment.

mirr.tech · 59d ago

Pre-Orders at the moment, soon we will base it on major user tracked issues fixed as we (funding permitting) are planning to accelerate prototyping to reach a much nicer MVP

mirr.tech · 67d ago

Really like it, Such an improvement. I write feedback in a call with my co-founder and submit it, the new layout makes it easier to screenshare it.

mirr.tech · 76d ago

Just became a college student yesterday! Fire me an email at jack@mirr.ie and I'll gladly give you a hand!

mirr.tech · 81d ago

Only two of us, we use Click-up and have a 2 person whats-app group. Nothing over complicated just tracking of tasks and messaging updates.

mirr.tech · 86d ago

Voting is meant for the project that shows the most progress from the previous week. We have a project with no investment or funding but are showing consistent progress. We are number 7 in Europe and number 22 Globally. It's all about progress no matter what stage you're at. I can definitely see where you're coming from though.