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mirr.tech · 477d ago

Fair play to the lads honestly. It's well deserved

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mirr.tech · 501d ago

Which both heavily involve AI

mirr.tech · 502d ago

Thanks for the input! It is not necessarily a lack in a variety of projects climbing the leaderboards. We can only see top 30 in all categories as we currently rank #10 globally and #4 in Europe. There are various project categories that have made it into the top 30, apart from SAAS and AI, like healthcare, hardware and fintech. There just seems to be a lack of teams that are granted pioneer status outside of AI and SAAS.

The problem lies within the difference between the types of projects that have climbed the leaderboard (because of their high quality, which we all see in people's reports) and the types of projects that get pioneered.

This begs the question, if you are a project who has climbed the leaderboard and given consistent reports and feedback, but are not in AI or SAAS, do you have a real chance of being pioneered at all?

mirr.tech · 505d ago

A lot of good un-Pioneered teams sat near the top for a long time. And nothing has changed since they've been Pioneered. They still produce great weekly reports, that we have to match.

I think personally the Pioneers being there is great because if you do make the top 30 it means your producing as good as the Pioneers are each week. Same as in startup land, if your competition rases 100M they won't suddenly disappear. They're still competition. I fully agree with what Andrew from miit.co said, "If you want to be the best you have to compete against the best"

We're 9th (for the moment) and we've been higher, yet not pioneered and I like the Pioneers there near us. It's rewarding to look above and below and think "Our weeks are as impressive as these guys"

mirr.tech · 526d ago

Yes! 1 female + 1 male founding team here at Mirr!

mirr.tech · 529d ago

Hi Daniel and Pioneer Team,

What do you think is the ideal number to close a pre-order list at, in terms of hardware, before going into manufacturing that batch? We've been told to close at 30 and also told to stay open until 500 orders are placed.

Alice & Jack

mirr.tech · 546d ago

Ah shoot, thought I did. It's updated now.

mirr.tech · 551d ago

Dunno how this works but sounds awesome! Company is https://twitter.com/mirr_ire

Founders are:

mirr.tech · 555d ago

Class John, this is seriously fun. I think it'll definitely promote some more engagement on frontier. Maybe this could eventually be implemented?

mirr.tech · 577d ago

Hi Daniel and team,

We really appreciated the advice last time! We ended up having to rebuild our entire website because the data got wiped this week. And we're waiting for lockdown to lift to get that photoshoot!

Our question is, have you got any tips on fulfilling pre-orders, for hardware projects? Should we wait until we hit a milestone (say 20 pre-orders) and release them all in one batch at once, or ship the 10 orders we have now and then trickle out any more as they come in? We are making units ourselves so production doesn't scale right now.

Thank you!
Alice and Jack of Mirr
P.S. we're loving the hats!