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mikkieoguns · 58d ago

Thank you. Same here

mikkieoguns · 62d ago

Same stage i’m currently. With www.usefuse.link we’re looking to start our pre seed raise. Just crossed a 100 user mark in less than 3 weeks. We need to scale.

mikkieoguns · 84d ago

I have had my own fair share of cofounder problems in my last projects, but i’ve also met amazing people who I want to build with later in the future. My current partner on our new project is amazing. We’re figuring things out together and we complement each other. For me passion, ownership mentality and commitment is important. Being a Co-founder means having that ownership mindset to get things done whether convenient or not.

mikkieoguns · 84d ago

You can create a personal page on www.usefuse.link and link your calendly to schedule meetings with people.