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Lol, acronyms are the worst.

mikesimpson · 123d ago

I appreciate all of your info about Notion.

This actually gives me a lot of confidence in the platform considering your process might be confusing to the lay person business owner. haha

mikesimpson · 123d ago

Quick question for you: What is your process for assigning those freelancers work and communicating with them about the project?

Regarding your question: Assignments can be anything. Think of them like actionable emails that assignee’s can update and communicate in. They can be a task, lead, form submission, new client, request, question or anything else that can be delegated.

In your case, after hiring Mr. X, you could assign him a task by typing his email and the task details (no onboarding required). Mr. X would therefore see the assignment details in their email and if he chooses, can login to his own dashboard to update the task, comment, and see tasks assigned to him by other organizations.

Love Notion btw! For those who understand it, you can accomplish this in Notion (although you still have to invite people to the organization). I'm building Assigned for those who want a sure fire way to make assignments without needing the freelancer to create an account first.

This same concept also applies to a lead gen. agency who needs to assign form submissions to a client.

The agencies that I’ve worked with who do this have all jerry rigged their own system to accomplish it. Usually it requires a form people can fill out, Zapier, a spreadsheet, and some back and fourth over email.

If this were an internal process it would be handled in the company‘s CRM. However if you’ve ever tried on boarding someone outside of your organization into a CRM it’s a process, and agencies don't want to do this with all their clients.

‘Assigned’ would allow the agency to automatically assign these form submissions to clients without having to onboard them first.

mikesimpson · 124d ago

last important thing here: Because existing platforms don't work well with people outside the organization, You can use Assigned to make the assignment without having to wait for the assignee join the organization.

mikesimpson · 124d ago

Thanks for asking! https://getassigned.com helps you make assignments to another business or freelancer without complicated onboarding.

I’m actually building it for two personal scenarios I run into over and over again during my day job:
1. ⁠Assigning projects to freelancer writers
2. ⁠Assigning leads to a client
These two scenarios actually have the same problem: making assignments to people outside the organization.
So my first customer in theory is either content managers or lead gen. agencies.
Luckily, I’ve spoken to both, and the conversations have been positive.

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mikesimpson · 110d ago

I'd love to know what you have in mind. I'm going to signup and feel free to reach out directly.

mikesimpson · 110d ago

Great! Go ahead an add your email at the link below to get early access And I will follow up with you directly.


Your business is exactly the type of company I imagined this would be used for. Seems like you work with a lot of outside people.

mikesimpson · 111d ago

sweet, Thanks!

mikesimpson · 116d ago

Thanks this is actually really helpful.

mikesimpson · 124d ago

By stripe integrations, are you talking about the prebuilt option, elements, or both?