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michalsmialko · 870d ago

Do you think Stephen this would make sense as a desktop app?

I’m kinda wondering if bringing those tools back to desktop would give some leverage.
I think speed and better system integrations are a nice bonus.

I’ve never used any website tool for 8h every day in my career so I’m not how much of the pain it is.

michalsmialko · 872d ago

Mixpanel, Amplitude are in top #25 YC companies. Feels weird to me. I think their product is far from perfect, yet they are worth so much. (Fabric had a chance to be 10x better but Google killed it).

It doesn't seem that hard to built a better implementation.
I don't know much about the market - am I missing something here? What's the catch here?

michalsmialko · 878d ago

Landing Page:
- not that pretty to be honest :D
iPhone screenshot is totally unclear. Wouldn't understand that unless I've red your post before.
I think you should put CTA (sign up for early access) right at the top. Down the page, you should explain better what the product does (more images!).
Right now the page is very empty and thus doesn't look very trustworthy.

michalsmialko · 885d ago

I don't like the colors on packaging :< Looks like a product from 90's.
(love the product though :D)

michalsmialko · 885d ago

I've been working for a while on a product offered by dscout which was kinda similar.
They were building that for researches conducting users interviews. It looked great. I recommend you check it out.

michalsmialko · 885d ago

I've been using Foundry for a few days and it was definitely a productivity boost for me.

I'm not sure what would be the right way to monetize that.... I feel like this tool should offer more before I'd be ready to pay for it. Maybe it could be a part of the wider tools set for Firebase? Like advanced admin panel etc? I think this could be a better approach than trying to offer AWS.
When somebody is using Firebase, most likely he won't be using AWS at the same time.

michalsmialko · 891d ago

Is this a web app?
It seems to be a perfect candidate for a Slack or native desktop app. I wouldn't keep that app open all the time in my browser. And opening a website just to update my "status" feels like an overkill.

michalsmialko · 891d ago

I like the mission but I have doubts about the form.
I'm not convinced that the leaderboard is the right tool to motivate the team.

Here's how I see it.
I want my team to be involved in building a company and do all they can to make it successful. This means not only doing his day-to-day duties but also helping in other crucial things like hiring (but not only).
It would be great to measure somehow how a particular employee is engaged in non-regular activities.
But making that a leaderboard makes the whole thing look like a game where there are winners and losers.

michalsmialko · 891d ago

- "Your Gateway To ...." - that wasn't very clear to me. Seems like subtitle is much more meaningful.
- That image in the "Browser Extension" is to small. Those arrows are pointing to something but I can't see what.
- In "Save & Discover" section, it would be good to add some explanations to those boxes. "Save Time" - ok, cool. But how?
- I like the general style :)

"Problem: ... • Challenge of keeping track of price changes, discounts & availability. " - I don't think I had that problem I can't remember any situation when I was keeping track of price changes (maybe stocks if that counts).
But....maybe my wife could use that.
She's definitely better at searching good deals on the web. Also, I remember that she tried many times to buy some hand-made dress from the online shop and they had limited supplies. She was checking their websites multiple times a day to check if it's in stock.

michalsmialko · 894d ago

I like the idea of aggregating emails from multiple sources.

As for collecting emails, It’s probably not that hard - most providers like
Mailchimp have nice plugins for that.
Perhaps what I miss is a simple library for collecting emails on the landing page and sending them to Firebase. But that’s not that hard to write anyway...