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michaeljelly · 276d ago

Why didn't you just close down the company and start again after the 2 year hiatus? Wouldn't that have been simpler?

michaeljelly · 336d ago

yes plz

michaeljelly · 477d ago

Is there audio for this still? Or just a transcript

michaeljelly · 477d ago

Hey Daniel, Rishi, and team.

I'd love feedback on our new landing page, beyond just the hero section (https://www.ethi.me). Our vision is to build the personal data OS, "Segment for consumers", "Plaid for personal data" does that sound compelling?

michaeljelly · 493d ago

Hey Daniel, Rishi, and team.

I'd love feedback on our new landing page, beyond just the hero section (https://www.ethi.me). Our long-term vision is to build "Segment for consumers", does that sound compelling? What questions do you have when you hear that?


michaeljelly · 511d ago

If you're still in the first 4 weeks of your Pioneer submissions, there's a bit of weirdness which happens in the ~24 hours between just before the submission deadline and after. This is because the 4 week cap on a bunch of the points you can get (50 points per week up to 4 weeks etc) means everyone else loses points after the submission deadline, except for those who haven't hit the 4-week point cap yet.

After the submission deadline, everyone's week resets, as if they have only acquired 3 weeks of these points, ready for them to get the new week's points from voting & feedback etc.

If you've just joined, and have only got 2 weeks of points so far, this doesn't apply to you so you don't lose any points, while everyone else does. So you shoot up the leaderboard before any votes have even been cast! Then voting etc. happens, and another big reshuffle happens once the voting period os over and you have your rank for the week.

Hope that helps somewhat, it was somewhat confusing for me when we started!

michaeljelly · 532d ago

Hey Rishi & Daniel & team!

We'd love some overall landing-page feedback (https://ethi.me), and then for a specific question: What's the biggest risk we (still) need to address that would stop Ethi from becoming an enormous company?

michaeljelly · 541d ago

Hey Daniel, Rishi and team! We took your advice and made the fact that you pay for Ethi into a feature (and removed chevrons).

We had a great launch on Product Hunt, now we want to keep up momentum. Any tips on how to maintain user-acquisition momentum and keep accelerating?

We're improving the product loads, and building a referral system, trying to figure out what the bridge between "Product Hunt launch" and "full-on marketing capability" is for user acquisition. Would also love landing page feedback!

Site: https://www.ethi.me

michaeljelly · 555d ago

Nice work! Bumped you up a point for next time it updates ;)

michaeljelly · 560d ago

They actually weren't super responsive, but they did do most things we needed. Shocked how unresponsive they were in all the softer parts of support - I don't feel well served even though things turned out OK in the end.