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mayireland · 302d ago

Great stuff! Let us know how you get on :)

mayireland · 371d ago

Hey Shun, I've signed up - this is a great initiative! One request - is it possible to click onto the investors name and read a short bio / investment interests? that way we can decide whether it's a good fit and take advantage of the remote hour.

mayireland · 399d ago

thanks for responding. I didn't think of the currency risk - that's good to highlight. Initially I was just thinking about whether this would improve the user experience to see prices quoted in their own currency.

mayireland · 411d ago

I totally empathise - i found myself in this situation a month ago - i was feeling burned out and realised I needed a break to recharge my batteries. Agree with what others have noted here - it is so easy for days to blend and as a founder - it's always hard to switch off! Having a great support network is key but it's equally important that you take time for yourself and you go and 'do' something that makes you think about something else for awhile - takes your mind off things - even if it's for a couple of hours or a 3 day weekend, or even a weekend! We deserve it!

mayireland · 411d ago

Hi there, I currently use - which is free for one template - it's quite good because it's very thorough and is regularly updated to keep you compliant.

mayireland · 412d ago

Sounds like there are a lot of us in the same boat - so know you're not alone :) What I've done is I've formed a small informal board of advisors (3) who represent areas that I lack capability-wise - they are people I've known for awhile that already exist in my network, so there is huge trust there, they also believe in what I'm trying to build, want to support me, but maybe don't have a huge amount of time to 'do the doing' because they have a full time job already. What I've found then is that at least I then have regular catch ups with people who care about me and my journey and want to see me succeed - they also have a wider network that they're happy to share! Finding peer support is a big reason why I'm building VirtualPeer!! Hope this helps.

mayireland · 412d ago

Hi there - i like the concept as a way for people to journal their journeys :) Perhaps your landing page could better communicate what people can expect to get from joining/registering on your site - be more direct and candid. At the moment the message is a little too mysterious. Hope this helps.