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mattcrail · 8d ago

Previously: not knowing when to throw in the towel. I lost a year working on the wrong thing.

However, in that time I also learned a lot of lessons on how not to build a startup, and those lessons are serving me really well now.

mattcrail · 12d ago

wow this is great stuff.. thanks for sharing.

mattcrail · 41d ago

I am not clear if you are talking about physical fitness, mental fitness, business fitness, or a combination of all of those.

Also - to echo Vasek - you are sort of missing the 'why' part of the statement. Why should I try this? 'Take better care' isn't necessarily hugely exciting - what happens when I take better care of myself, and what does that help me achieve. It feels obvious, but make it crystal clear.

mattcrail · 41d ago

Interested to try SendFox. Do you recommend or would you prefer Mailchimp if the price were right?

mattcrail · 41d ago

How do you find Standuply?

mattcrail · 41d ago

ha we use basically the same things it looks like

mattcrail · 43d ago

Some key ones for us:
CMS: Webflow
Knowledge/wiki: Notion
Project mgmt: Clubhouse

mattcrail · 49d ago

Agree :) Aditya and I connected on reddit too as it happens

mattcrail · 50d ago

I've found throwing an event up on Eventbrite gets you pretty significant traction. Lots of people browse upcoming events and register. I've tried lots of things to get people signed up for webinars in the past, and nearly all the traffic ends up coming from Eventbrite. Plus it's a nice tool for managing events and it's free.

mattcrail · 50d ago

Yep - good to have that audience, but I think it's easy to rely too heavily on it.

However, you never know who comes back. We send regular updates to our pre-reg list and many have popped up months after signing up b/c of a new feature, they were finally fed up with their existing product.