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mattcrail · 70d ago

I wrote a blog on this a while back:

Some key points: use your waiting list as an opportunity to talk with prospective users, keep everyone in the loop as you progress so they don't forget about you, and don't expect most of them to convert.

We were on Product Hunt's Ship/upcoming page and most of those early sign ups didn't convert - we got a lot of spam from there. However, betalist did product quite a few actual users for us.

mattcrail · 166d ago

You can try offering a discount to users who upgrade early. This has worked on me in the past.

mattcrail · 202d ago

gotcha - that depends on the startup/founder and investor I suppose

mattcrail · 208d ago

Are you asking what should be in your pitch deck, or what stage the company should be at before fundraising?

mattcrail · 315d ago

Unfortunately, I don't know much about the US visa process, just that it's quite tricky. Also, don't listen to the Twitter nonsense, California is still the place to be

mattcrail · 315d ago

Good luck! Where are you moving to? How'd you go about getting a visa?

mattcrail · 324d ago

I have since heard some criticisms of this technique so I would do some research before you try it out, but we used the Van Westendorp’s Price Sensitivity Meter methodology

We priced too high based on the results. Asking someone what they'd pay is way different than actually having them put their credit card down obviously, which is probably the main issue with this methodology.

mattcrail · 324d ago

What specific legalities are you talking about?

For us, the company and I are based in the US and my co-founder is in Poland. We had our lawyer file the 83(b), and then we use Deel to manage his contract/salary, but that's all we really have to manage.

mattcrail · 396d ago

Hello - I wrote up a resource on this

Quick summary:
- Talk to subscribers early and often
- Pick out the most engaged subscribers
- Remind them who you are and why they were interested in the first place
- Test out different copy and onboarding flows
- Send a few emails until they sign up
- Keep talking to them if they don’t sign up