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martinsmillers · 1d ago

Hey Sandy, before I reveal it, I would love to ask you some questions :) Would you be up for a quick chat?

martinsmillers · 3d ago

Hey Jackson. Sorry to hear that. Yes, this Canva question has relevance to my project as I'm building a tool in design-tech space and I'm looking for a) tech advice from someone who has been there, done that b) insights on how I could integrate what I'm building with Canva.

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martinsmillers · 7d ago

Thanks, Andy! This is great!

martinsmillers · 11d ago

Yes, that's definitely something I would be interested in.

martinsmillers · 11d ago

Hey, I'm looking for advice on this topic in general. Nothing too specific, at this stage. I want to create a tool that uses data inputs ( style references, mood boards etc) to generates graphics and images. So far I came across OpenAI's GTP-3 experiments and some examples using procedural generation. Keen to explore more.