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marcs0h · 505d ago

I can absolutely relate.

One thing I've found interesting as we were getting serious with Pioneer is how pragmatic I've become in regards to startup ideas, specially my own.

Reviewing other people's project every week really helps putting perspective in the equation too.

marcs0h · 543d ago

Food for thought: Did you have the chance to look how current fully remote businesses operate? Thinking of companies like Gitlab, Sourcegraph, Automattic, Zapier and the like.

I see a lot of similarities in how they handle their knowledge base with how FOSS project communities do their things. Of course, basically every companies I just named have open-sourced most of their code base so my sample is biased.

I'm curious to see what middle ground can be reached for regular, well-established businesses as it seems like most of the complains I'm witnessing on social media come from remote employees working for brick-and-mortar institutions.